All of the Ways to Use Cannabis

All of the Ways to Use Cannabis

The effects of your marijuana will be greatly influenced by how you choose to use it. Here are a few of the more popular approaches and what they offer. 167 0 11 Oct 2020

Learn all the different ways to use cannabis.


  1.  Inhaling
  2.  Vaping
  3.  Dabbing
  4.  Edibles
  5.  Topicals
  6.  Sublingual
  7.  Experiment with different cannabis consumption methods


Cannabis is one of the most widely used plants in the world, with millions of users regularly smoking, consuming, and vaping it. Numerous cannabinoid and terpene profiles present in the thousands of different strains offer distinctive experiences, ranging from powerful body highs to clear-headed CBD-fueled effects.

Cannabis users report a variety of effects, but they all agree on one thing: It never gets dull. Herb lovers can get creative because of the enormous variety of cultivars, ingestibles, and accessories.

Each cannabis consumption method has slightly distinct affects and unique benefits. While holistic users often choose the fastest-acting benefits with a less intense high, recreational users might use cannabis in ways to prolong their high or intensify the effects.

See below for a list of cannabis consumption methods. In order to improve your recreational and holistic experiences, you’ll learn about the advantages, disadvantages, duration, and consequences of each.


Smoke from cannabis flowers or extracts enters the circulation through the lungs’ alveoli, releasing cannabinoids into the body. The results happen quickly and are simple to manage.

Smoking Cannabis: Popular Methods

Users have a lot of control over their high when they smoke marijuana. Take things slowly until you find your sweet spot, one puff at a time. The effects of smoking cannabis start to take effect in just a few minutes, peaking in 10 to 30 minutes and lasting up to three hours.

  • Joint

The standard technique to smoke marijuana. Although various preparations may be employed, dried and cured cannabis flowers are commonly utilized to roll joints. The potency of the cannabis utilized fully determines the effects of a joint. Stronger marijuana will make you feel high, whereas cannabis with a low THC content will have a more subtle effect.

  • Blunt

Joints and blunts share a similar design, however blunts don’t use traditional paper. Smokers substitute specialized blunt wraps or standard cigar wraps. Although there are alternatives to these items that don’t include tobacco, they frequently do.

  • Pipe

Pipes can be made from a variety of materials, including silicone, acrylic, wood, ceramic, and glass. In order to allow users to completely clear each hit, several of them have shotgun holes (also known as carb holes). You can find pipes in any head shop in any form, size, color, and style you could possible want.

  • Bong

Although less portable than pipes, bongs do come in smaller sizes. These ingenious technologies come in a variety of sizes, from little portable gadgets to enormous glass rigs taller than some persons. Hits from bongs are clean and refreshing since they are delivered through water rather than the lungs.

All of the Ways to Use Cannabis
  • Fruit Bong

Fruit bongs are nonetheless amusing and novel even though they aren’t frequently the first option. Smokers typically create these improvised items when they are out of papers or don’t have access to a rig.

  • Gravity Bong

Take care when approaching. Smokers who have “broken in” their lungs over time should use gravity bongs. Your lungs won’t be pleased with you after you hit a gravity bong if smoking a joint still causes you to cough. The main components are a big plastic bottle that has been sliced at the base and a bucket of water. Push the container into the water as you hit a gravity bong. Huge amounts of smoke rich in cannabinoids are forced into the lungs by this motion working in tandem with your lungs.

  • Bubbler

Bubblers combine the advantages of both pipes and bongs, thereby creating a hybrid. These single-piece, transportable handheld gadgets are actually pipes with an extra water chamber. While traveling, bubblers provide smooth doses of cooled smoke.

  • Sploof

This is a way to lessen the smoke produced by other smoking techniques, not a way to consume cannabis! Simply wrap one end of a toilet roll tube with a few pieces of kitchen towel. The idea is basic. After inhaling through the tube, take a hit. Some, but not all, of the fragrant terpenes will be captured by the sploof.

All of the Ways to Use Cannabis

Smoking Cannabis: Flower and Other Preparations

Applying fire to cannabis flower is only one step in the smoking process. Smokers can choose from a variety of formulations with varied degrees of potency. Although your voyage may have begun with buds, it won’t take long for you to develop a taste for the exotic.

  • Flower

Cannabis flowers’ phytochemical composition varies substantially depending on the strain. Some have significant CBD and THC concentrations, while others have both. Even cultivars have been created by breeders to generate more of lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG.

  • Hash

Hash-makers use sieves to separate the trichomes from the flowers after collecting and drying the buds. They create force with a hash press to shape the sift into a uniform mass of trichomes. Due to its substantially higher concentration of cannabinoid-containing resin, hash gives a strong experience.

All of the Ways to Use Cannabis
  • Kief

You’ve already seen kief. Believe us. Have you ever noticed the shiny powder that gathers on your grinder’s bottom and sides? Kief is that collection of trichomes. By sifting their buds, smokers collect significant amounts of this chemical. When you have a sizable pile, you may mix these pure trichomes with flower in joints and bowls to give them an extra psychedelic boost.

  • Charas

Charas is a vintage cannabis concentrate that originates from the Indian subcontinent. Charas is created when plants are still alive and in the soil, as opposed to hash, which is created after harvest.

  • Twaxing

This widely used phrase in the language of cannabis enthusiasts simply denotes the addition of concentrates to blunts, joints, and bowls. While adding these substances to joints is simple enough, lathering them outside calls for some artistic skill.

All of the Ways to Use Cannabis

Effects of Smoking Cannabis

When cannabis is smoked, cannabinoids enter the lungs’ alveoli and immediately disperse into the circulation.

The 30-minute mark is typically when the effects of cannabis smoking peak. The overall effects last for three or more hours and wane over this time.


Flowers must burn in order to smoke cannabis. Terpenes, aromatic molecules, are released into the air by this intense chemical reaction. The distinctive fragrance of cannabis is supported by these pungent compounds. There will always be some stares and raised eyebrows when someone smokes in public.

Satisfying route of administration Combustion releases carcinogens into the lungs Fast onset offers instant relief to some users
Community aspect of smoking weed with friends Not very discreet Ability to control the high prevents overwhelming experiences
Rolling becomes an enjoyable art form Difficult to determine exact doses  
Easier to control how high you get    


The present era of cannabis consumption has been dominated by vaping. This non-smoking option connects technology and marijuana. While some models are purposefully simplified, other types have precise temperature ranges and smartphone-controlled settings.

The size and shape of vaporizers vary greatly. Basic models need a flame to operate and are made of metal that has been forged. High-tech appliances have a built-in heating element that they use, and they have precise temperature settings and other controls you can access from your smartphone. Less heat than smoking is still the core idea, though. Vaporizers produce enough heat to vaporize volatile terpenes and cannabinoids while vaporizing nearly nothing else.

Vaping Cannabis: Popular Methods

Many vaporizers provide more flexibility while using cannabis. Since different terpenes and cannabinoids evaporate at various temperatures, users can choose particular temperature ranges to target particular phytochemicals. Users can tailor their high to produce a variety of extremely specific effects by having a basic understanding of the synergistic entourage effect.

  • Desktop Vaporizer

These huge, big vapes have the power to change everyone in the room’s state of awareness. Depending on the model, desktop vapes can occasionally use both flower and concentrates. Desktop vaporizers are not portable due of their size.

  • Jamaican Steam Chalice

Natural materials are used to make steam chalices. A bamboo stalk, clay bowl, and coconut water chamber make up the bong-like design. A healthier alternative to smoking is the act of steam vaporization.

  • Vape Pens

The technology of large desktop vaporizers is neatly condensed into the size of these pocket-sized pens, making them unobtrusive everyday items. These cutting-edge cannabis accessories blend in discretely with handbags, bags, and even the palm of the hand. High-end models have the advantage of programmable parameters, and some can use both dried flower and various concentrations. Cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy traveling or who want to keep their interest in plants a secret could use vape pens.

All of the Ways to Use Cannabis
  • Cartridges

Do not grind. Not processed. No halting. The prefilled cartridges work just fine. Simply insert one into a compatible device to experience a recipe with a customized mix of terpenes and cannabinoids. Cartridges offer a sophisticated approach to consume the herb while also saving time and reducing the visibility of vaping when done in public. Imagine espresso capsules for marijuana.

  • Inhalers

These very covert gadgets provide precise and customized dosing.

All of the Ways to Use Cannabis

Effects of Vaping Cannabis

Smoking and vaping have similar effects because cannabinoids enter the body in similar ways. An virtually immediate high results from the molecules being carried by the vapor into the lungs and subsequently into the circulation.

A hefty desktop device or vape pen hit will alter your neurochemistry for several hours. After 30 minutes, the effects start to wear off.


Similar fragrant terpenes are released by vaping and smoking. However, there is less of a pong due to lower temperatures and the absence of burning paper. Some portable vape pens have the same appearance as standard electronic cigarettes, enabling users to sneakily puff while out in public.

Less harsh on the lungs; no combustion Some users claim the light and airy hits lack the satisfaction of smoking Easier on the lungs
More discreet than smoking Cartridges provide a locked-in dose and lack flexibility Much more control over the effects
High-tech devices target cannabinoids and terpenes with programmable temperature settings Extracts must be purchased from a reputable source to avoid contaminated products Target specific terpenes for particular conditions
Simple and easy to use Expense of the vaporizer itself  
Potent hits save you weed over time    

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