How To Put Your Cannabis Stems To Good Use

Cannabis stems are frequently associated with poor-quality bud, so you could think that they are nothing more than a headache. The following time you locate them, try saving them. If you know what to do with them and conserve them, you can almost always make something out of them, whether you want THC-infused tea, cannabutter, hash, or even some twine or yarn. 250 6 16 May 2020

Repurpose your cannabis stems to make the most of your crop!


You either have a garbage bag full of stems or a remarkable collection if you don’t ground your stems up with your buds. If you belong to the first category, the facts we have may persuade you to change your mind. However, if you fall into the latter category, it might just be your fortunate day.


You see, when grinding your cannabis flower, those stems are much more than just waste to be thrown away. In fact, if you stockpile enough, you can lift a lot of weight just from those. Additionally, you can reuse them as mulch or arts and crafts supplies if you don’t want to get high. How? The specifics will be discussed as we proceed.


The most straightforward option, albeit being the least advised, is to grind your stems up and smoke them. This is always a painful process, and the smoke from the stems’ cellulose contains a lot of undesirable substances. Additionally, stems burn incredibly hot because to the cellulose, hot enough to damage your throat and lungs. Again, it is not advised, so heed this warning. Very few individuals choose to fire them up, although others do so for some unknown reason.



This is about as practical as hash gets. Start by rubbing your stems between your hands to create charas. Then, smear a whisker of hash over a jar with your hands. There won’t be much of it then. But once you’ve processed 100 grams of stems with a typical THC level, you might be surprised by what you’ve managed to collect. The ultimate result is as traditional as it gets: a multi-flavoured pile of hash.


Simply take your stems, dissect them, and place them in a plastic bag that can be sealed to start the process. Put this bag in the freezer and wait to add additional until you do. Give the bag a good shake every time you add something to the collection. The now-frozen resin crystals will start to separate from the stem fragments with each shake. You’ll steadily accumulate a sizable mound at the bottom of the bag. You’ll have plenty of kief ready to smoke once you’ve removed the stems.


Similar to this, freezing the stems is the initial step in making high-quality bubble hash. But you’ll be blending these rather than shaking them. Use the blender technique recipe from our comprehensive hash making guide, however swap out “flowers” for “stems”. Bubble hash of the highest caliber will be in your future if you carefully adhere to the given directions and perform the procedure four or five times.

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